Products We Offer

Animal Wheelchairs

You’ve just discovered that your pet is no longer mobile. It is hard to imagine your life without your furry friend.
There’s an answer: Advanced Pets Wheelchairs can assist your pet in getting up and moving around. We are passionate about animals. All of us are pet owners. We can’t imagine our lives without them. A wheelchair can prolong the life of your pet and make it more enjoyable for them.
The following are some of the many benefits of buying wheelchairs for disabled pets online in New York.
● Your pet’s specific disability and body type will be met with a custom-built, customized, and engineered product.
● A padded, welded saddle provides your pet with solid support on the pelvic floor. It also protects delicate soft tissue from chafing.
● Lightweight construction with wheels that match the terrain of your pet.
● Adjustable for length and height.
● Allows owners to adjust the balance to compensate for the increasing weakness of the front legs in dogs with arthritis, degenerative myelopathy, or other age-related weakness.
● It is easy to use, durable, and guaranteed for the lifetime of your pet.
● Handmade in the USA with more than one vendor available. Also exported to all corners of the globe!

Harnesses for Service Animals

Dogs are drawn to the great outdoors and new friends. You will want to be able to safely and comfortably harness your dog when you are out and about with your puppy. Advanced Pets harnesses products for animals at a reasonable price were proudly designed to make dog walking, training, and outdoor adventures more enjoyable for your four-legged friend.

Having a good support system in place for your dog if they are having difficulty moving is crucial. You can provide mental support for your dog’s confidence by providing solid physical support. Your dog will trust you, and they will rely on your guidance. You will see a difference in their movement when they realize the harness is their friend.

Its multiple safety features will keep your dog safe, and the soft, breathable padding will give your dog comfort and security all day.
● Our harnesses are made from high-quality materials. Your dog will love it!
● Before purchasing, please measure your dog accurately and refer to the size chart.
● Our harness products for service animals in Long Island support your dog’s hind end, so if your dog has weak back legs or instability of their hips, the harness will help you move. This harness acts as a walking aid for dogs who are unable to support their hind legs.
● Dogs can be trained to ascend and descend stairs.
● It allows dogs to urinate and defecate while they are wearing the harness. The harness is washable and dryable.
● Mesh bag packing
● It’s easy to put on your dog.
● Compatible with the wheelchair.
● USA Product.

Custom Orthotic and Prosthetic Devices

The advanced pet orthotic and prosthetic devices from Advanced Pets can be used for cruciate and fracture injuries, dog leg management, ligament injuries, CCL tears or knee injuries, ligament injuries to prevent injury, preventing injury to a dog’s leg, hind leg support as an alternative to surgery, and other rear leg injuries in dogs.

For owners who have dogs that are suffering from the effects of aging or other health problems, buy orthotic products for pets on the long island here!

This device is unique because it can be worn on the dog for long periods. This device is not like towels or leashes, which need to be rigged each time, or ramps that must be adjusted and moved.

Force Coupling

Advanced biomechanical principles are used to stabilize injuries like the CCL. This injury occurs most frequently in pets.

Polycentric Hinges

Some hinges are not suitable for pets. Our polycentric hinges, which are specially designed for pets, replicate the complex motion of your dog’s knee (stifle)joint. They provide articulation as well as limiting shear forces.


Your pet can have a lot of fun in the water, but you should also take good care of him. Our material selections are designed to allow your pet complete freedom in activities like swimming.

Mobility Experts

A team of mobility specialists is available to support you and your pet. They are highly skilled in mechanical sciences as well as veterinary care.

Durable/long Lasting Shell

This durable shell is designed to give your pet the support and stability they need for today’s and tomorrow’s activities.

Incontinence Supplies for Pets

Dogs’ incontinence may result from a number of factors, including but not limited to advancing age or illness. Both you and your dog may feel anxious if you don’t know what’s triggering this. Treatment for your dog’s incontinence can improve their quality of life in almost every situation, and Advanced Pets incontinence supplies for pets in Long island is here to help.

Because we are pet owners ourselves, we founded Advanced Pets to ensure the highest quality of life for our customers and their pets.

We have a team of dedicated pet product designers who are all animal lovers. We remove the uncertainty from helping your furry pet. We’re here to help you survive the annual shedding and learn to control your bladder.

Show your dog nothing but love and patience instead of rage and irritation. Your dog’s incontinence may be managed with some simple household adjustments. Our incontinence products supplies for pets includes but not limited to:

● Pee pads reduce the number of accidents your dog has and make cleaning a breeze.
● Dog diapers to prevent accidents on the hardwood.
● Washable incontinence pads, etc.